Pradyun Narkadamilli
Hi! I'm Pradyun!

I'm a freshman at UIUC, pursuing a B.E in Computer Engineering. I'm passionate about making things for the sake of making things - be that as a solution, a hobby, or else.

While my rapt fascination is held by autonomous robotics and their associated subfields, I'm still rather varied in my fields of interest. So far I've had the luxury of exploring full stack development, machine learning, IoT hardware development, and more - I hope to only expand that list in the future at UIUC.

About Me
  • I competed in VEX Robotics, captaining Team 3304R
  • I've organized LaunchHacks, DVHacks II/III, and ProHacks
  • I was a national winner of the 2020 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow - Learn more here!
  • I'm an avid hackathon competitor and a loyal Hack Club member! The fruit of my time in these groups can be viewed here.
Contact Me

I love meeting new people! Want to talk 1 on 1? Feel free to reach out to me at

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